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What makes Avalon the best career choice for you?

Focus on training

Avalon firmly believes in investing in its people by providing them high quality and personalized training. Be it through formal sessions, on-the-job training or internal knowledge sharing initiatives, Avalon ensures that all its Consultants have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers and beyond.

Warm Work Culture

Avalon Consulting is proud of the culture it has built over the years – we enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our open-door and collaborative way of working encourages and values contribution from all members of the team, right from the Partner to the Consultant. For many of our people, professional relationships have also cemented lasting personal friendships.

Emphasis on Mentoring and Coaching

All senior members of the Avalon team are committed to mentoring and nurturing the new members of the Avalon community. Be it project execution, client interaction and management, organisation or personal development, the Avalon team is committed to the all-round enrichment of its members.

Project Management Opportunities

The Avalon approach to project delivery enables its Consultants to take on bigger roles and responsibilities in project execution from an early stage in their Consulting careers. This prepares budding managers to hone their skills of effective project management and learn and acquire leadership qualities.

Early Exposure to Client Interaction

Avalon’s Consultants are groomed to foster strategic thinking and they work alongside CXOs and senior management of large Corporations to develop solutions that shape the future of their clients’ organisations and the industry. Consultants are thus exposed to CXO level thought process and decision-making early on in their careers at Avalon and will have personally impacted their clients’ success.