Mr. Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director, Avalon Consulting explained his perspectives on Ola Electric Vehicles

Subhabrata made some important points for Ola Electric, which can be outlined as following:

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  • Fast-tracking of development time can be difficult in automotive industry which can be a reason behind the recent mishaps with Ola scooters. A large portion of the failure can also be attributed to regulatory authorities.
  • New-age auto companies are trying to bring in a cultural shift with mobile dashboards and connectivity. This is resulting in cultural clash and Ola will eventually have to find an equilibrium.
  • Subhabrata is optimistic that Ola will be able to turn itself around. However, the way the PR was handled has not been satisfactory. But they are trying out new things which will help them to get things right.
  • He believes that in 5 years, e2W market will reach 7-8 millions and Ola will be able to command around 10% market share, even if they hold their ground. They have a viable product offering; just the only thing needed is course correction and the willingness to work along with customers.


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