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Mercury Emissions from Thermal Powerplants in India

By Avalon ConsultingOctober 27, 2022April 24th, 2023No Comments

Premchand Chandrasekharan, Partner at Avalon Consulting, alongside AVP Karthik Shankar, and Senior Consultants Nirman Dutta and Sumit Kumar shared their views with BSEF on Mercury Emissions from Thermal Powerplants in India. Thermal power plants are the largest contributor of Mercury emissions in India. A recent study has highlighted Mercury above permissible limits in regions around these power plants.

It’s critical for coal based Thermal Power plants to adopt measures for capturing Mercury present in flue gases which can be done by oxidizing Mercury with Bromine. In this sense, capture systems such as Powdered Activated Carbon, Baghouse and FGD play a fundamental role in achieving this, as they can capture the oxidated mercury present in flue gas.

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