The Avalon OC&C Business Summit 2013

ITC Grand Central Hotel, Parel, Mumbai

Avalon Consulting and OC&C Strategy Consultants Host Four Knowledge Sessions for Indian Business Leaders

Avalon Consulting and OC&C Strategy Consultants together hosted the Avalon-OC&C Business Summit 2013, a knowledge sharing initiative for Indian business leaders.

OC&C Strategy Consultants ( is a global consulting firm with clients that include several Fortune 500 companies. OC&C has partnered with Avalon Consulting for its India operations.

As part the day long Summit, four knowledge sessions were organised – three interactive sector specific sessions for a small and select set of invitees were conducted in the morning, followed by a Panel Discussion on “How to Succeed in a Volatile World”, dinner and cocktails in the evening.

The audience for the day comprised of over 100 CXOs from large Indian and Multinational Companies. In addition to the Avalon leadership team from across India and Singapore, eight OC&C partners from their offices in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, London, Rotterdam, Warsaw and Buenos Aires were also part of the event.

Our experts, having extensive experience in the global and Indian home improvement sector, shared insights on Global Trends and Evolving Business Models in the Home Improvement and Construction Materials industry and how these were likely to impact the Indian market.

The audience members included senior business leaders from several Indian real estate construction companies, paint manufacturers, modular kitchen companies, electrical and digital building infrastructure specialists, furniture and ceramic tile manufacturers.

The Avalon and OC&C experts shared insights and fostered a discussion on the following topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities in the European market – how does the industry evolve in terms of segments, products, distribution, marketing and customer care?
  • Key success factors in Europe – what differentiates the winners?
    o Enhancing customer intimacy
    o Diversifying market access
    o Addressing end users
    o Addressing global markets

Speaker Profiles


Our speakers having extensive experience in the global and Indian supply chain function across different industries, highlighted strategies that companies could adopt in order to effectively balance the key decision variables in supply chain management – time and price.

The audience comprised of senior practitioners Indian textile and apparel, FMCG, retail and auto industries.

Speaker Profiles


Our speakers drew from their experiences in various emerging and developed markets to highlight key business models and practices that will be relevant to Indian players in the future.

The audience was comprised of senior management from India’s leading infrastructure and engineering companies.

Our experts shared insights on and fostered a discussion on the following topics:

  • Demand Megatrends seen in the industry: Customers under pressure are changing how they want to be served – shift of risk to suppliers, demand uncertainty, cost sensitivity, client de-skilling, increased strategic intent to extract value from construction activity
  • Competitive responses and examples: Internationalisation meets opportunism, convergence and PPP variations
  • Strategic questions now facing the players

Speaker Profiles


The Avalon-OC&C Business Summit 2013 brought together Indian business leaders who have successfully ventured into international markets, along with Avalon and OC&C thought leaders from across Europe, South America and Asia for a panel discussion on “HOW TO SUCCEED IN A VOLATILE WORLD”

Today, as Indian companies aim to establish a global footprint, they are faced with economic uncertainty in several markets. Similarly, international players foraying into India have to overcome a challenging business and political environment

The panel discussion highlighted winning strategies that Corporations can employ to succeed in an ever changing world

The panel consisted of 5 members moderated by our Chairman, Raj Nair. Each panelist is a stalwart in his own right; backed by an impressive track record of leading change in their respective organisations, both in India and overseas

Panelist Profiles

Panel Discussion

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