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Specialty Chemicals Business

Specialty Chemicals Business: COVID 19 Impact and Opportunities

Specialty Chemicals business has been a success story for India in the past (Pre-COVID) with above average EBIDTA margins and a healthy growth across a wide range of companies and sub-sectors. At Avalon, We have analyzed 125 companies across 13 sub-sectors of the Specialty Chemicals business in the Pre-COVID-19 period and subjected them to the Avalon Pandemic Test to assess their resilience to COVID-19. Companies were assessed based on three key parameters – Cash Resilience, Profitability and Sector Impact. The results are stark and underscore the importance of prudent cash management and consistent profitability, among other suitable interventions.

Chemvision 2020

Chemvision 2020

Avalon Consulting was proud to be the knowledge partner for the Confederation of Indian Industry conference on ‘Building a Conducive Future for Chemical Industries in Tamil Nadu’ held on September 4th and 5th. The virtual conference had multiple eminent speakers from the government and the industry.

Lives vs livelihoods: The case for the 80/20 model

Source - The Business Times

Girija Pande, Chairman Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd. and Wong Joo Seng, a venture capitalist and CEO of Sparks Systems Pte Ltd, share their views on the impact of lockdown on an economy and share a possible solution to the delicate balancing act of controlling infections while protecting the economy in the case of Singapore, featured in The Business Times.

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Mr. Girija Pande awarded Public Service Medal by Singapore government

Apex Avalon Consulting Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that Mr. Girija Pande, Chairman, has been awarded a Public Service Medal by the Prime Minister’s office as a part of Singapore’s National Day Awards ceremony. Mr. Pandey is widely known for his business acumen in Singapore and in the APAC region. He is also an active contributor to non-profit sectors and social service.


Riding the Electric Vehicle Wave in India

Driven by environmental concerns, technological development and scale economics in batteries, and aided by subsidies, Electric Vehicles are continuing their inevitable march to replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles worldwide. This perspective evaluates the present market trends, prevailing government policies along with their impact and the future of electric vehicles adoption in India.

Distributor Engagement in COVID 19 Form

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Distributor Engagement in COVID 19 times

Avalon Consulting is delighted to present its perspective on “Distributor Engagement in COVID-19 times in India”. Most distributor-driven businesses are today reeling under the impact of the slowdown induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies are struggling to find ways to stay connected with customers even as their sales organisations remain cut-off from markets. A strong and motivated channel can provide the answer here. This perspective provides a 5 step process to assess, identify and energise the right elements in the channel network and convert them into engines of growth.

Impact Paper 8: Over-The-Top Streaming Business

This edition of Avalon Edge talks about our pioneering work in helping develop the strategy and project manage the launch of India’s first OTT platform in the Subscriber Video on Demand model. The market capitalisation grew > 2 times from the start of our engagement, enabled a strategic investment by one of India’s largest digital platforms and delivered value creation of > 800 times the fees paid to us.

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