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Impact Paper 9: Leading Cement Player in South-East Asia

In our latest edition of “Avalon Edge” we present you one of our recent strategy design engagements for a... read more

Impact Paper 8: Over-The-Top Streaming Business

This edition of Avalon Edge talks about our pioneering work in helping develop the strategy and project manage the... read more

Impact Paper 7: Bulk-chemicals manufacturer

This edition of Avalon Edge elucidates our interventions around enhancing customer relationships which helped the client transformed into a... read more



Riding the Electric Vehicle Wave in India

Driven by environmental concerns, technological development and scale economics in batteries, and aided by subsidies, Electric Vehicles are continuing... read more

Distributor Engagement in COVID 19 times

Avalon Consulting is delighted to present its perspective on “Distributor Engagement in COVID-19 times in India”. Most distributor-driven businesses... read more

Our ‘Gastronomic World’ has changed

COVID has put a spanner in the spokes in our Gastronomic World. Weeks of lockdown, of being confined... read more



Recommerce 2020

Bengaluru: Nikhil Mundra, Associate Vice President, Avalon Consulting, was invited as a panelist at Recommerce 2020, a national conference focused... read more

AIG Summit 2020

New Delhi: Avalon Consulting hosted 11th Automotive and Industrial Goods (AIG) Summit with Cordence Worldwide (CWW) partners on 13-14th February... read more

International Communication Management Conference 2020

Ahmedabad: Premchand Chandrasekharan, Partner - Avalon Consulting was invited as a speaker by MICA (formerly Mudra Institute of Communications) for... read more

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