What we look for

The perfect combination of Education, Experience and Personal Traits

Avalon Consulting’s minimum eligibility criterion for Educational Qualification is a Post-Graduation in Business Administration. Avalon Consulting does not offer roles for individuals with an Under-Graduate/Bachelor degree or diploma.
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Consultant MBA Freshers

Approximately 2 years pre-MBA work experience in any sector or role

Consultant Experienced Hires

Approximately 1-2 years of post-MBA work experience in non-IT / ITES sector or role.


Approximately 2-3 years of post-MBA work experience

Associate Vice President

Approximately 4-6 years of post-MBA work experience

Vice President

Approximately 7+ years of post-MBA work experience

Expectations on Individual’s Personal Traits

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  Avalon Consultant


  • Problem Solving
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Logical & Analytical Reasoning
  • Good Communication