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Sales Acceleration Framework
February 2019
Avalon Consulting is delighted to present to you a paper on “Driving Sales Acceleration: A Proven 4-Step Plan for Re-Igniting Growth”. Inability to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape and inefficacy in responding to evolving customer needs are some of the factors crippling the sales growth of an organisation. This document outlines a four-fold mechanism to address these challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Identifying the key components that influence sales growth and leveraging them to develop a process to accelerate growth form the blueprint of this framework.

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Exports – Opportunities beckon the enlightened
November, 2018
Avalon Consulting through its article titled “Exports: Opportunities beckon the Enlightened” analyses diverse aspects of Indian exports against the backdrop of varied domestic and global macroeconomic developments. There is a linkage between increasing the price competitiveness of Indian exports, achieving deeper penetration in world markets, and structured integration of resources to meet global quality standards. The article elucidates this connection, by looking at how it has made itself evident in various countries.

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The Great Indian Gastro - Economy
July, 2018
Avalon Consulting is pleased to present a view on “The Great Indian Gastro- Economy: Succeeding in India with Investments in the Food Industry”. With changing food consumption patterns, demographic shifts, a positive private equity and venture capital investment scenario backed by government policies and initiatives, India is all set to experience a new wave of growth in the food industry. This paper deep-dives into the opportunity hot-spots in food and agri-business and how investors can benefit from the India growth story.

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Electric Vehicles in India – Prospects and Challenges
March, 2018
Avalon Consulting and IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry are proud to present a view on the future of Electric Vehicles in India. With the advent of electric vehicles coupled with developments in lithium battery technology and other elements of the electric vehicle ecosystem, the era of ICE engines seems to be drawing to a close. India, like many other countries of the world is keen to embrace electric vehicles. This paper takes a critical look at government policies and projects the likely penetration of EVs in India.

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Indian Non-Ferrous Metals Industry - Way Forward
Feb, 2018
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) along with its Knowledge Partners Avalon Global Research and Avalon Consulting, released an insightful report on the Indian non-ferrous metals industry. The report titled "Non-Ferrous Metals Industry – Way Forward", covers issues faced by industry stakeholders, and also explores potential solutions. It also covers recent trends and an outlook on how the industry is expected to develop in the future.

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The Good, The Bad and The Oily – 2018 What is in Store
Feb, 2018
“Mr. Raj Nair, Chairman, Avalon Consulting & Vice President, IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has shared his thoughts on what to expect in 2018, in a paper titled “The Good, The Bad and The Oily”. The paper throws light on the ever changing geo-political landscape and examines it in conjunction with new business realities. Underlining key events to watch out for in 2018, the paper connects various dots and invites the reader to think beyond headlines and newsreels.

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Working up a Six Pack – Six ways to muscle up for the changing Indian consumer landscape
May, 2017
Growth in the branded FMCG market in India appears to be picking up in 2017 after a couple of less robust years -- and the longer-term outlook for the market is solid. But competition is intensifying. How can manufacturers make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead? Read on to find out the six mantras that can help FMCG manufacturers capture their share of market growth -- and more

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Private Equity – Entering a Resurgence Phase
Feb, 2017
Private Equity investments in India touched historic highs with ~Rs. 200,000 crore invested in the past two years. In 2017 the industry is entering into a resurgent phase, with high quantum of investments in the ‘ready to exit’ phase. Read Avalon’s annual PE/VC Report, to understand what the future holds in store for PE/VC investments in India.

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Avalon Perspectives 2017 – Black & White And More
January, 2017
The much awaited annual feature by Mr. Raj Nair, Chairman, Avalon Consulting is finally here! It discusses the impact in 2017, of the 3 Black Swan events of 2016 namely - Brexit, Trump’s Presidency and Modi’s demonetization. Read on, for an interesting glimpse into to what we can expect as a fallout of these events, and why.

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The Future Is Here
January, 2017
Mr. Raj Nair, Chairman Avalon Consulting delivered an address to the IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, where he shared how we often miss out on impending changes because we are trained to look for direct cause-effect relations for point events, while disruption and major shifts happen due to a culmination of various factors. Which are the dots which we should try to connect? How will the patterns that emerge, impact the future of our businesses and our industries? Read the text of his speech here, for a fascinating take on what we can expect in 2017 and beyond.

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The Six Intelligent Men at Kitzbuhel
January, 2016
Six world leaders hold an emergency summit at the Austrian ski town, Kitzbuhel, to discuss how the ISIS crisis, oil, commodities and China’s slowdown could drown the world in 2016 unless they jointly did something. This group of ‘Six Intelligent men at Kitzbuhel’ on December 28, 2015 was aptly named, KI 6 for obvious reasons, and also because KI 6 happens to be the acupuncture point just below the ankle, which if pressed would rid the body of fear, and fear is what brought these six men together.

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Recent Developments in China and Implications for India
October, 2015
China has been at the centre of a lot of controversy following its currency devaluation and the sudden crash of the stock market. Many observers especially in the developed world are accusing it of currency manipulation to defibrillate exports and hence the economy – a charge that has been levied many times in the past. However China has changed in many ways. The new China is realizing the sins of its past and is also looking far into the future. So are these recent moves a knee-jerk reaction to sluggish economic growth or part of a carefully thought-out grander master plan designed to chart China’s course into the future?

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The Euro Tragedy
June, 2015
Mr. Raj Nair, Chairman, Avalon Consulting shares his views on the situation unfolding in Greece.

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Flashback 2014: Beginnings of 'Achche Din'?
- Presented at Apex'15, India's Premier Investor/Entrepreneur Interface
March, 2015
In continuation with last year’s edition on PE/VC investment and exit scenario in India, Avalon Consulting has released a report on the PE scenario in India against the backdrop of election results and favourable macro-economic developments in 2014 based on analysis of data from Venture Intelligence and inputs from industry participants.

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Budget 2015: No drastic surgery but rehabilitation
March, 2015
Wondering what to make of the budget presented by the Finance Minister? Find out how Budget 2015, is ‘no drastic surgery, but a rehabilitation’ by accessing the transcript of Mr. Raj Nair’s speech, delivered at the Indo American Society, on March 2nd 2015.

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For Whom The Bell Tolls
January, 2015
As part of our annual series of articles on the outlook for the coming year, you can read our Chairman, Mr. Raj Nair’s views on the economic prospects for 2015 and the implications of the oil price on the global economy and what it means for companies in India.

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Whither Customer Loyalty & Loyalty Programs
October, 2014
We are no more in the world where the asymmetry of information favoured the seller. The digital customer is increasingly becoming aware of the product prices and offerings faster than the store sales persons themselves. There is an inherent need for customer loyalty programs to adapt to the changing retail dynamics.

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A Smart Partner
August 2014
Girija Pande, Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd. shares his views on how Singapore can help India build “Smart Cities” in the country. The article was published in Business India magazine and talks about the need for multi-dimensional planning & organising to successfully implement smart cities project in India which was announced during the new government’s maiden budget.

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Budget 2014 Decoded
July, 2014
The new government's maiden budget was a much-anticipated event. India Inc. was hopeful that many of the items on their long-pending wishlists would be addressed. But there were no bold, radical announcements, something that India has come to expect.

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How can India, China win in each other's market?
June 2014
Girija Pande, Executive Chairman at Apex Avalon Consulting, explains the challenges faced by Chinese and Indian firms when doing business in each other's country during an interview on CNBC.

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India’s Foreign Outreach: "Look East" Policy of India
June, 2014
Girija Pande, Chairman Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd. shares his views on the shaping up of "Look East" policy for India. He further discusses how the new government would enable stronger India-China bilateral ties in trade and investment in the future.

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The Looming Exit Crisis - Finding a Way Out
March 2014
This document presents an overview of the PE/VC investment and exit scenario in India based on analysis of data from Venture Intelligence and inputs from industry participants. The data we have analysed excludes Real Estate deals.

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The Five Go To Delhi Amidst Optimism
January, 2014
In this paper, Avalon Consulting’s Chairman, Raj Nair, focuses on whether gradual reduction in Quantitative Easing by the US will impact India which is just beginning recover from the down turn in 2013.

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India: Looking Beyond the Obvious
October 2013
In this paper, Avalon Consulting’s Chairman, Raj Nair, has explored why, despite the gloom, the India growth story cannot be written off and that India is likely to bounce back sooner than expected.

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Will You Feel Good Tomorrow?
January 2013
In this paper, our Chairman, Raj Nair gives his view on the economic outlook for India and what one can expect in 2013

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The Icebergs have come...... Now What?
January 2012
Raj predicts that the world will not end in 2012, the Euro zone is not likely to collapse and that a new world is likely to emerge from the financial holocaust of the past 3 years.

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Icebergs are Coming…
January 2011
2011 may be the year when several European countries and some US States are adrift in a sea of debt with dangerous icebergs floating around. This will also be the year of fake recovery in some countries and real growth in many.

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The Sun is Rising in the East
January 2010
2010 will be pregnant with opportunities for Indian companies. The recession has accelerated the shift of the center of gravity from the West to the East.

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